Our history

STIB Luxe, founded in 1971 in Revermont, between Lyon and Geneva, perpetuates a tradition of high-quality French craftsmanship for the luxury goods market.

STIB Luxe combines practical know-how with industrial expertise and enjoys an excellent reputation as a manufacturer for leading brands. Careful wood selection, metal shaping and refined finishing operations result in exceptional objects.

For half a century, STIB Luxe has been cultivating innovation and modernity with the love of beautiful workmanship.

Our values

In an era when standardisation reigns supreme, we are proud to build upon the solid foundations of traditional craftsmanship. Work well done and the quest for perfection are values that enable us to meet the stringent requirements of the luxury industry.

Adopting the values of STIB Luxe equates to the promotion of excellence. This permanent commitment is shared by our employees, whose expertise enables us to fulfil the demands of leading luxury brands.

Bolstered by the long-standing faith of our customers, we are well-equipped to take on all kinds of innovative projects.

Our commitments

At STIB Luxe, we have long been persuaded that companies have a mission of general interest. We strive to make decisions that will have a positive impact on society and the environment, through a sustainable and responsible approach.

We aim to give meaning to our actions. Committed to the development of our regions, we promote French know-how, synonymous of high standards and quality, and foster lasting partnerships with local businesses.

At STIB Luxe, we believe that success depends upon all those involved. Working together means developing the sharing of skills and promoting the know-how of each individual. More than just employees, our craftsmen are the ambassadors of our company and its values.

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